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Two-Components Elastomeric Sealing Material for Spraying Application. 

Flexlock is a two- components elastomeric sealing material of the highest quality, to be applied by spraying.

Flexlock is based on a special bitumen emulsion, enriched with high concentration polymeric latex of the highest quality. The polymeric latex endows Flexigum with an especially high elasticity and resistance to a wide range of temperatures.


Flexigum is used for sealing basement walls, tunnels, basement floors and large decks.

Technical Specifications

Specific Weight (gr./ cm²) :                     1.02

Tensile strength (mps ):                           0.08

Elongation (%):                                          > 1,600

Resistance to water pressure
– 3 mm thick membrane, to
atmospheric pressure, 48 hours :          No leakage  

Heat resistance:                                         100 ºC

Cold flexibility:                                           - 20 ºC

 Surface preparation:

The surface for application should be free of any dirt, dust, grease and unstable parts. Narrow and deep holes or segregating areas should be filled with polymer enriched cemented plaster.


Flexlock is supplied in 1000 kg containers.

Flexlock is to be thoroughly mixed in the container, prior to use.

The application of Flexlock is very easy and effective. Spraying may be immediately stated following the installation of the spraying machine and deployment of hoses.

Spraying is performed through two nozzles, one of which sprays Flexlock while the other sprays a water solution with coagulant material.

Flexlock and the coagulant solution are sprayed simultaneously through the nozzles and these two components fans meet in the air.

Coagulation of Flexlock upon meeting the coagulant solution is immediate and results in a solid elastomeric bitumen layer while clean water is discharged. Since a solid layer of Flexlock is created on the surface area, a higher thickness (2 – 6 mm) may be obtained in the course of continuous spraying.

Flexlock application may be performed at a temperature higher than 7 ºC.

The characteristic thickness required for the basement walls is as follows :

up to 5 meter depth - 4 mm

at 5 to 7 meter depth - 5 mm

at 7 to 10 meter depth - 6 mm

Please refer to the manufacturer for any other application.

Covering Capacity

A Flexlock dry layer of 1 mm thickness may be obtained from 1.75 kg/ sqm of liquid Flexlock.

Drying Time

5 days prior to covering with protecting membranes.

During the winter season, drying time should be extended by 1 or 2 additional days, whereas the day count includes dry days only.


1000 kg containers, 200kg drums.


The spraying gun should be cleaned in turpentine immediately after applying of Flexlock.


1. Flexlock should not be stored in temperature lower than 5 ºC.

2. Flexlock should not be swallowed. Flexigum should be kept away from children.

3. In case of application of Flexlock on retaining walls, the internal wall will be made by casting high workability concrete and not by spraying concrete.

4. Protecting layers prior to back filling or tiling: geotextile 200 gm/m2 + smooth HDPE membrane, 0.55 mm thick (Protect 5).